We Remove the Over from Overspending!

There could be precious dollars slipping away in health insurance, energy/utility costs, telecom spending, copier contracts, just to name a few!  

We have the time to help.  Auditing contracts and bills generally is not priority number one and even if it is, most organizations are so busy they don't have time to sort through confusing information.

At The Savickas Group we save you time by providing our expertise, reduce the stress and anxiety with new contract analysis and negotiation and allow you to have confidence that your company is operating at maximum cost efficiency!

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What is the Process?

There are options to start with contingent contracts to free up budget dollars, we can review a single area you think is a  major area of concern or we can do a full Preliminary Estimation Report.  

Either way these are quick reports that can be completed in 3-4 weeks.  

What Areas are Reviewed?

  • Energy/Utility Costs
  • Telecom 
  • Cellular Contracts/Invoices
  • Copier Contracts/Invoices
  • Health Insurance/P&C Insurance
  • Office Products
  • Waste Service
  • Equipment Finance Contracts
  • AR/Collection
  • Bank Fees
  • Common Area Maintenance Contracts
  • Freight/shipping
  • Past Due Tax Settlement
  • Property Tax
  • Retirement Acct
  • Security Systems
  • Advertising
  • Etc…


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