You have worked many years building a business, supporting your family and the families of your employees, and now it is time for a new chapter of life.  It is time to plan an exit strategy!

The issue is you have no idea what your largest asset in your retirement will be worth.  You are not alone.  87% of business owners looking to sell in the next 5-10 years have no idea what the value of their retirement could potentially be.  

Getting started and having a valuation is step 1.  If you are unable to meet your retirement goals based on the current potential sale price, it is time to roll up our sleeves together and create a valuable exit strategy to help navigate the next phase of life.  


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The Savickas Group specializes in exit strategy planning using our method of 3M's = Large Ps (Management, Methods and Merchandise= Large Profits)

1. Management & Associates - All companies need the right butts in the right seats focused on the right goals.  It is our responsibility as business owners to give everyone the tools to compliment their skill sets to make them the most successful they can possibly be.  Our intention is to help employees engage in the mission and goals of the company to work as a cohesive machine.

2. Methods - How do you bill your customers?  How do you collect money owed to you?  How often do you hold management meetings to review key indicators and goals?  What is your purchasing process?  These are just a few of the items that need to be documented.  They will have to be common knowledge to allow for new employees to come in and acclimate themselves to the business.  The first one to paper wins. Processes and methods are something that need to be thought through, documented, and then implemented.  

3. Merchandise - Whether you are in the service or manufacturing industry, we all have merchandise or products that we sell.  It is essential that we are communicating and marketing our merchandise in clear and professional manner to all potential and existing customers.  

The Savickas Group helps companies just like you to implement the 3 M's within your existing business, to make LARGE PROFITS.  


CLICK HERE to receive our FREE EBOOK-9 Tips to Capitalize on the Sale of Your Business


If you are a business owner thinking there is something that needs to be fixed but not sure what it is or if you are a business owner that is interested in selling in the next few years..  Contact us today!





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