You can, we actually provide instructions to do this!  The difference is three fold; one, the team we bring are experts that have many years of experience in their one area.   Two, sometimes an outside company contacting a vendor makes them cringe a little because they know the numbers are being scrutinized very carefully (a good thing).  Three, time is money.  Although our instructions seem simple, often they require countless hours of negotiating, follow-up, and analysis to ensure what was agreed upon is in place.  

We try to be conservative , but it will always be a multiple of our fees.  In each area analyzed you should expect 10-60% depending on the category.

This is a quick report that will allow us to discover the potential opportunities for saving money in your company/organization.

Three to four weeks from the time we receive the documents we require.

The time requirement is minimal.  For the Preliminary Estimation report we need 1-12 months worth of invoices depending on the area of spending.  We can be onsite to acquire these documents, they can be scanned to a Dropbox folder or emailed.

This is really dependent on the organization and industry.  We focus on telecommunications, energy/utitlities, merchant services, office supplies, waste management, and sales tax to name a few.   Usually the savings we show in each category range from 10-60%.

Small Biz Empowered is a division strictly focused on small businesses.  This is usually in the range of $500,000-$50,000,000 per year in revenue.  The focus is to provide custom answers at a price that will not break the bank!

There are few different structures.  If you are interested in a one time use there is a small nominal fee to have access to our experts for that.  If you like the services and see this being a benefit for years to come then you can pay a lifetime membership fee.  There are also additional upgrades to have VIP access with implementation services as well. Contact us today for more information

Our core belief is that every business, no matter the industry, whether you cut grass or run a $20 million manufacturer needs to have the same fundamentals in place to succeed.  A business must have the processes to automate and analyze, they must have the right people in the correct positions and they must be profitable (real profit).  If any of the previous are missing it will lead to turmoil, burnout or worse business failure.  We look at the big picture, where you are, where you want to go and then put together a game plan for you to thrive in your industry.  When those all come together life and business is a lot more enjoyable.

There are ways to gain access to our team of Small Biz consultants through VIP packages.  If you truly want a one-on-one coach for your business retainer agreements can be established.  Contact us for more information.

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