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overexpansion, The Savickas GroupEvery entrepreneur loves to see his business grow, but growth can create the atmosphere for overexpansion. Overexpansion is extreme growth of a business which is far too rapid for an owner to control. When it occurs, problems in all levels of business occur and if not corrected immediately, can lead directly to the demise of the company.

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A Rigid Reasoner

business, The Savickas GroupAre you a Rigid Reasoner? You started a successful business over 20 years ago. You wrote a good business plan, expanded carefully, developed good customer relations, and generally reaped the rewards of doing everything right. Twenty years ago.

Today, twenty years later, you still do things the same way as in 1994. You haven’t revisited your business plan in years. You

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Got a Business Plan?

business plan, The Savickas GroupStatistics tell us that when a business does not have a business plan, it has an 80% chance of failure. I don’t know about you, but because of that statistic, the risk for my business would be extremely uncomfortable for me. And it is totally avoidable!

A business plan is the road map for your business. It basically tells what the business is, who you are, and what your vision

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Make Profit

profit, The Savickas GroupEveryone in business wants to make profit, and there are a number of ways to do that. In a forthcoming newsletter, we have talked about scaling your business. What that means is that you have systems in place to keep your business functioning properly and those systems should be able to handle any future growth.

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Happy 4th of July!

flag, The Savickas GroupOn the 4th of July, we celebrate 200+ years of a free country which works to empower its citizenry. Most of us believe that America has been a "bastion" of freedom, one which encourages innovation and investment from its populace. Political scientist Seymour Martin Lipset defined Americanism as "based on liberty, egalitarianism, individualism, republicanism,

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The Basics

Sometimes you just need to break it down to have all of the pieces

you need to build it up again.

-Author Unknown

goal basics, the savickas groupHere is a quick, personal story for you about the basics.  I have a go-kart in my garage that I bought right out of college. My

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Write Down Your Goals

goals, The Savickas GroupThe weakest ink is stronger than the smartest mind.

-Unknown Author

Leaving all your goals within your head is like leaving a bunch of marbles in a canister.  Keep adding more and more and

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Three Business Basics

3 business basics, the Savickas GroupThere are three things that can be considered business basics, regardless of the industry. Don’t you like to think that your business is unique? That there is nothing like it in the entire world? Well, aspects of your business are specific to your company, but if your business is successful, it has three business basics that every prosperous business has: processes,

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Virtual Outsourcing

odesk, The Savickas GroupConsider virtual outsourcing of work. As small business owners, our most valuable resources are time and money.  The value you put on your time dictates what you will be able to earn over you working career.  This will also determine the level of enjoyment you experience in life.  While reading the book, The 4-Hour

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Do You Have a Hobby or Business?

hobby, business, The Savickas Group

Millions of people have hobbies. Sometimes this can be as simple as owning a dog to as complicated as building computers. Some people collect thimbles, while others like Beanie Babies. All of these hobbies usually have a very positive effect on the lives of the participants. Hobbies relax you, they entertain you, they instruct you, and

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Cell Phones and Time Management

 cell phone, The Savickas Group

There is no doubt that cell phones run our lives, and destroy our time management. No longer do we receive just cell phone calls, but rather we get emails, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, news alerts, weather and other constant updating. I am not sure what drives this.  It could be the constant desire to be the first to be informed or it may be the media

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4 Tips to Better Management

rolex watch, Savickas GroupTime is the scarcest resource of managers. 

If it is not managed, nothing else can be managed.  

-Peter Drucker

Managers, it is time to do as you say, not as you do.  If you want to excel and have your team excel, you need to manage your

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