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Deciphering Business Insurance

insurance, The Savickas GroupYou, as a business owners will never want to access your business insurance, but when you need it, you need it. Having the right business insurance in place will make life easier if you should have that “God forbid” event that causes hearts to stop.

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Market with Your Email Signature

email signature, The Savickas GroupEveryone in business knows that you need to utilize every possible avenue for marketing, and yet, one that is frequently overlooked is your email signature. The average number of emails a business person sends per day is about 105. You probably send more or less, depending upon the day, and you certainly sign each one. Now, you can probably see the

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Management Burnout

management burnout, The Savickas GroupManagement burnout is when you feel completely drained, both mentally and physically, especially for a long period of time. Stress can be a factor in burnout, but some people handle stress well and never break down like this. When the professionals analyze burnout, they have found that certain individuals are really prone to it. Usually they see burnout in

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Business Cycles and Commercial Lending

business cycle, commercial lending, The Savickas GroupThere is a direct correlation between business cycles and commercial lending, and as a business owner, you need to understand the relationship. This connection can possibly affect many of your business decisions.

There are basically four phases of a business cycle:

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4+ Qualities of a Good Manager

manager, The Savickas GroupWhether you are analyzing yourself as manager or considering promoting an employee to manager status, you need to look at the qualities of a good manager. The more of these qualities that you or your employee have, the stronger the manager you or your employee will be.

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Defining your USP

USP, The Savickas GroupOne critical part of business that many business owners don’t even consider is defining their USP. What is a USP, you ask? The acronym stands for Unique Selling Proposition, or to say it simply: what makes your product unique in the market place? What makes your product special? That uniqueness can make or break your business, and it should be a key component of your

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3 Tips for Hiring Good Employees

hiring employees, The Savickas GroupAt some point in every growing business, you are going to have to hire employees. This can be the worst financial mistake you can ever make or it can be the very best business decision you will make; it all depends on how you do the deed.

How do you know when you need to hire? You, as business owner/jack-of-all-trades, will be totally overwhelmed with all that

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Harvest Your Profit

profit, The Savickas GroupThere is a rhythm to the seasons of the year, and fall is the time when farmers harvest the profit from the land. In business, too, you need to remember to harvest your profit.

The sad reality about business, especially small business, is that only 51% of owners pay themselves a salary (from an

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Is Your Business Online?

internet, business online, The Savickas GroupToday, the internet is the new world marketplace with global business online for everyone to see. Not all websites sell something (e-commerce); many websites are simply informational sites, telling about products and services in great detail. Retailers sell online and reap the benefits of having customers from all parts of the world. Wholesalers, with their

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3 Ways to Increase Sales Fast

increase sales, The Savickas GroupEven before the “Great Crash” of the American economy, business owners were always looking for ways to increase sales. Today, between tough economic times and increased competition, it is getting hard to see growth and profit through sales. If you tweak a few things in your organization now, you will see that sales line go up.

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Purchase a Business to Expand Your Business

business expansion, The Savickas GroupYes, you have an existing business, but oftentimes, there are a number of good reasons for you to consider buying another business to expand your existing business. Your proposed purchase could be your entry into another marketplace or it could be a great addition in your existing marketplace. If the acquisition is done properly, it can be quite profitable for you.

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