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Those Pesky New Year's Resolutions!

new years resolution, The Savickas GroupIt’s that time of year when everyone seems to make New Year’s resolutions that everyone knows they won’t keep. You probably start fresh every year in your personal life, trying to improve on some aspect, but do you also consider your

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Avoid Procrastination

procrastination, The Savickas GroupIt is ironic that this is the last blog of the month, but if you have read the prior three blog posts and not done anything to this point, “Avoid Procrastination” is a blog that applies to you.  I have to admit that it applies to me since I was little, but I have found

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Budgeting for Business

business budget, The Savickas GroupIt’s time to get out your accounting paper, sharpen your pencil, and start budgeting for your business. Or, if you know Excel, this is an excellent time to create a budget spreadsheet. The word “budget” has negative overtones for a lot of people, but it can

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Setting Goals

goals, The Savickas GroupSetting goals, whether for business or personal reasons, seems to be such an appropriate topic as we near the end of the year, but actually, you can set goals at any time. You

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Take Time to Read

book, The Savickas GroupAs a business owner or manager, you probably don’t think that you have time to read. Your day is busy, you barely have time to eat much less exercise, and now—read? Yes, you especially need to read.

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Researching Employee Applicants

researching employee applicants, The Savickas GroupYou may ask, why research employee applicants? Don’t they tell all on the application? Believe it or not, they don’t. All of us have heard the horror tales of a company employing a person who was, seemingly, the perfect employee only to find

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In Thanksgiving

thanks, The Savickas GroupAs we shovel snow and shop for Christmas, our days are interrupted by an all-American holiday, Thanksgiving. Even though more countries are beginning to celebrate Thanksgiving, it is often associated with a harvest festival in those

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Finding Customers (Part 2 of 2)

finding customers, The Savickas GroupHow to Find Your Customers

In Part 1, Who is Your Customer, you collected the demographics of your particular customer, and now, you need to consider how to find your customers.

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Finding Customers (Part 1 of 2)

girl at computer, The Savickas GroupWho is Your Customer?

Whether your business is service or product based, your number one concern is finding customers. There is a trick to this, but even more importantly, your consistent

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Why Wait to Upgrade Your Business?

upgrade, The Savickas GroupFrequently, business owners work so intently on their business that they overlook that upgrade of the business that would make daily life in the business so much nicer. A similar situation can be seen in the real estate industry. You probably have done this: you fix all those little things that have broken over the years in your home right before you sell your

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5 Ideas on How to Close the Deal

closing the deal, The Savickas GroupA very basic skill that everyone, especially a sales person, needs is to know how to close the deal. As a sales person, closing the deal is the most important part of selling. Selling is a complex negotiation, and you need to be prepared for the discussion.

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