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Trade Show Ideas

trade show, the Savickas GroupThere are tons of ideas available for how you should exhibit at a trade show, but the very best practice is to be unique and outstanding. This uniqueness must be connected to your message, and if you do this well, the walk-bys are going to stop

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Trade Show Success

trade show, the Savickas GroupAnyone can sign up to have a booth at a trade show, but unless you prepare for the experience, you will waste time, money, and resources. Have a plan.


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Face-to-Face Selling

face to face selling, the savickas groupThere are literally thousands of pages written on how to sell, but all authors will agree that your best chance of selling is in a face-to-face meeting. In order to be successful at face-to-face selling, you must spend some time in preparation for that first, most

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Revisiting the Business Plan

business plan, The Savickas GroupIs a business plan important when starting a business? I have battled with The Business Plan for many years while considering and revising what I need in an actual business plan.  There are some plans that are 1 page long and some that

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Priorities? Schedule Yours!

priorities, The Savickas GroupEvery business owner at one time or another is overwhelmed by the many priorities that are critical to his success. There is a way, though, to take charge of these concerns and that is to schedule yours so that you become an effective,

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Kat Cole, Businesswoman Extraordinaire

kat cole, the savickas groupEarly one morning, I was half-watching Squawk Box on CNBC over my first cup of coffee when an attractive young woman was introduced. My attention was immediately captured by Kat Cole, with her easy smile and obvious business savvy.

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Test Marketing -- How? Part II

test marketing, the savickas groupTest marketing is important to any type of marketing scheme, whether it is for product or service. Once you understand why it is important—discovering what will work in your marketing plan—you can begin to market with some type of surety.

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Test Marketing -- Why? Part 1

test marketing, The Savickas GroupTest marketing is a critical step in the development of a commercially viable product or service, but it is a step a great many company owners neglect. They get caught up in the glow of creation, and many times, forget that other people

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Corporate Mediocrity

corporate mediocrity, The Savickas GroupMediocrity: ordinary; moderate quality; undistinguished; neither good nor bad; commonplace; pedestrian. Is this how you want your business described?

All around us is a growing sense that excellence is not attainable, so ordinary is good.

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7 Time Wasters for Business Owners

messy desk, The Savickas GroupTime management is a critical part of success and business owners have their share of time wasters that very easily could be eliminated from their day. With a little forethought and planning, you can find minutes, if not hours, in each day.

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The Look of Success

suit, The Savickas GroupYou have spent countless hours setting up the various systems within your business, hiring people, creating and selling product, and now your business is making money. Do you, personally, have the look of success you deserve?

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