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The Clock is Ticking Toward the End of Your Business

3 Tips to Maximize Your Exit

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Regardless of where you are in your business development, time is working against you. Especially at the birth of a business, you work constantly within the business, building contacts, developing products, and setting up systems. As your business reaches middle

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The Next Recession is on Its Way

recessions chart, the Savickas GroupDepending upon which part of the nation you live in, your local economy could be limping or galloping toward a more secure financial future. We all got spoiled by the 1990s, which for the most part, were prosperous and non-threatening to business. Sure, we had an 8 month mini-recession, but for the most part, the US experienced the longest period of growth in its history during the 1990s. Then the dot com bubble breaking in the early 2000s plus the 9/11 attack threw us into another mild recession. From that point to late 2007, the US economy surged forward until the bottom fell out of everything and we collapsed into the “Great Recession.” As you can see, the US economy cycles ebb and flow.

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Considering Some Exit Strategies

polo, the savickas groupExit strategies are as varied as snowflakes, and some can dissolve in a similar way. Any method that you consider will have a myriad of different possibilities based upon you, your management style, structure of the company, profitability, market, growth

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Why Are You Selling Your Business?

tree, The Savickas GroupYou have to have a very good reason for selling your business. This is not something you do on a whim. It is a life-changing decision and needs to be well-thought out in order to make the sale successful.

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Pricing Your Business to Sell

business, The Savickas GroupDetermining the value of your business and then pricing your business to sell is one of the more difficult aspects of selling a business. It is a very fine line between “too high” and “too low” and either choice can hurt your prospects.

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Thoughts on a Business Sale

thoughts, the savickas groupAs we have discussed previously, sales of businesses are complex and no two are alike. There are some thoughts worth noting, however.

First, realize that selling a business is fraught with issues. Regardless of size, only

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The Reality of Selling Your Business

sunset, the savickas groupMost people don’t even consider the grim facts which can be the reality of selling your business, but if you know these facts, you can work around them to create a good selling atmosphere for your company. According to the US Census Data,

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Selling Your Business: Mindset

selling a business, the savickas groupIt has probably taken you years to build a successful business, and now, either age or success is forcing you into the position of seller. Before we even begin to consider what you need to do to a business before selling it, let’s discuss you.

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Effective Giveaways

easy button, the savickas groupMany marketing campaigns will include giveaways, and if you want your campaign to be successful, those need to be effective giveaways. Those “freebies” have the heavy responsibility of representing you and your company in a very positive way. Much

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Account Hacking

account hacking, the savickas groupWe all have been reading about multiple data breaches in some of our favorite stores, and are somewhat alerted to the fact that our neighbors are being exposed to possible account hacking. So, we hide our pin numbers when paying by debit card at

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What Makes a Good Website?

website, The Savickas GroupRecently, a young man—Jim—and an older man—George—were discussing business at my luncheon table. Jim commented that he could not find the older man’s website. George puffed up and insisted his website was visible. Wisely, the younger man

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