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Perils of Procrastination When Selling

man lying down, The Savickas GroupIt’s bad enough when you procrastinate during your working day. You put off calling that customer or vendor, you delay creating the monthly spreadsheet, or you avoid firing that employee who is just begging to go on unemployment. That’s all well

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Job Descriptions

job description, The Savickas GroupYou know what your employees are supposed to do, right? BUT, do they? To achieve better efficiency in your organization, every employee—including

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Tips for a Smooth Business Transition

park, The Savickas GroupIt is the rare business that you can sell, then immediately walk away holding the check and staying totally uninvolved as the business moves forward with the new owner. Most sales of businesses will require the owner to ease out of management

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Your Business Image

house, The Savickas GroupHave you ever driven by a house which was smothered by the trees and bushes, looking generally rundown and overrun? Instinctively you know that an old person lives there, someone who simply can’t or won’t keep the exterior in prime shape. Does your business look old and worn?

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PowerPoint Presentations

Once you have gotten your business in order so that you are ready to sell itpowerpoint, The Savickas Group, how do you present your business to buyers? Years ago, we offered a business through pages of text and sometimes images bound within a folder. Today, people are so much

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Retirement Blues or Retirement Boogie?

skydive, The Savickas GroupI just read through 13 pages—YES! THIRTEEN PAGES—of retirement statistics, and if you think I feel great after that, you are wrong. I sit here, scratching my head, thinking, what do we need to do differently to prepare for retirement?

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Growing Your Customer Base

customer, The Savickas GroupWhen buyers look at your business, one of the most important success indicators is the vigor of your customer base. Building and retaining your customer base is an extremely complex process, yet it is one of the most critical aspects of business and

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Are We Past the Great Recession?

Well, the experts say we are past the Great Recession, but according to statistics, not every business owner feels that we are. In a 2015 study done by Bank of America, they found that younger people, the Millenials (18-34), are significantly more optimistic about the future than are the Baby Boomers (50-68). About 61% of Millenials felt

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Business Burnout

burnout, The Savickas GroupThere are so many reasons to sell a business, but one many people don’t even think about is business burnout. It can be a vague feeling of dis-ease, a worrying, a stress that just won’t go away, or thousands of other manifestations which change according to your

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Evaluate Your Business Assets

copyright, The Savickas GroupEvery business, including a virtual business, has assets. Your assets make up a significant portion of the value of your business, so it is important that you list and manage every asset that you have.

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Decisions! Decisions!

man thinking, The Savickas GroupNo matter where you are in life or in business, you are forced to make decisions on a daily basis. Sometimes, it is just a snap decision—what kind of paper are we going to buy for the printer? Other times, that decision can be life-changing and difficult.

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Making Your Business Life Easier

sticks, The Savickas GroupAlthough a good boss can do everything, that good boss will spend all of his time working IN the business rather ON the business unless he gets some help. And, the better the quality of help, the better the business will do.

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