google trends, The Savickas GroupYour marketing ideas can come from so many places these days, and one of the best sources will be seeing what is trending. “Trending” is one of those words which has been

around since the 15th century, but wasn’t popular.

It wasn’t until the late 1990s that the word “trending” began to be used for things that are “currently popular” according to the Urban Dictionary. (The UD also said that “trending” was a mutilation of the English language. It actually comes from to trend which means to become a trend.) Today, we commonly think about trending as lists of what people are searching for on the internet.

Trending, at its very simplest, is a list of what people are interested in, and that list can change hour by hour or day by day. Just doing a general query of “what’s trending” today, I found that most searches are for actors and celebrities, followed by sports and then places. At first glance, this info doesn’t appear to be too helpful for your marketing, but let’s look at what trending resources are available to you, and then you might see the possibilities.

Google Trends

Google, that elephant in the room, has more resources for you than you will ever use in a lifetime. One of the best for marketing is Google Trends. Go to and on that home page, you can view what are the hot topics of the day. If you click around, you can actually see categories of interest, different locations throughout the world, even the trends for different days. This information is quite interesting and you could spend a lot of time just on the home page, but we are going further into the site.

On the top of the home page, you will see a search box. Type in your product or service and if there has been enough interest, you will begin to receive data and articles on your query. For example, I entered “dog grooming” since one of my friends expressed an interest in starting a dog grooming business. That organic search gives me Interest Over Time, Regional Interest, Related Searches. (Remember that all of this data is coming from searches through Google online.) If you are thinking about starting a dog grooming business, you will see that interest has grown significantly since 2005. Regionally, great interest in the topic has come from Ireland (#1), then Australia, United Kingdom, and the US plus other regions. Related Searches return pet grooming, dog grooming mobile, and so on and shows a Rising trend for this topic. You can definitely see new trends just by looking through this  generic search of dog grooming.

However, we can focus those trending returns even more. Return to the top of this page, and you will see a Search Term box with dog grooming in it. There is another box to its right with +Add term. Try this: add your state, so I added Michigan. The search is now specific to dog grooming in Michigan, and basically "Michigan" shows a flat line as compared to the generic dog grooming which is a rising line. I add in the next search box Grand Rapids, but again my search returns a somewhat flat line.

What does all of this tell me? Dog Grooming is on the rise throughout the world, especially English speaking countries. However, there is very little interest coming from Michigan, and more specifically Grand Rapids. So if I am trying to sell dog grooming products, I probably would not do as well in Michigan as I would in, say Ireland.

Now, I change the initial search term to Technology, leaving Michigan and Grand Rapids in place (just click on the ones you want to change). Everything on the charts changes. Now, there is more interest in Michigan for Technology than there is in the world in general. Grand Rapids is still somewhat of a flat line, but a little higher than it was for dog grooming. I see a market here for technology, and would continue to play with search terms until I could narrow down that interest, especially in Michigan. When I clicked Rising Trends, many of the queries were for advanced degrees in technology. When thinking marketing, I could provide technology products to technology students, and so on. Trends tells me that is where the interest in my product lies.

By clicking various filters, for example United States rather than World Wide, you can really narrow down the information you are gathering. I recommend that you be as specific as you can in your search terms. Look at locations, and from the number of searches, you can see if there is interest or no interest in your product. This is a very good method of saving marketing money early on by doing this type of research. Then, when you go to test a product, you have already narrowed down the locations where your product might perform well.

Other Trending Resources to Use in Marketing

There are many other trending resources on the internet, many of them Google products and free to use, and I recommend you become familiar with this powerful marketing tool of trending. You want to be in front of the curve, not left behind. Here is a short list of ones that I find valuable:

In addition, Twitter Trends can be seen in the left sidebar of your feed on Twitter.

Making Your Company Marketing Better through Trending

Today again, we have been working on improving your company regardless of whether you are ready to sell or just want to build your company’s marketplace strength. The Savickas Group can help you with any business problems or training, plus if you wish, analyze the weaknesses in your business so that you can work to make it all better. We invite you to call us for a private, no-obligation chat. We also would like to offer you a free ebook which you might find interesting if you are thinking about selling your company at some point. Contact us for a FREE copy of Maximize Your Exit, 9 Tips to Capitalize on the Sale of Your Business: 1.888.210.8269 or

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