popular blogs, The Savickas GroupJanuary is a great time to look back over the past year and see what blogs have been most popular on this site. The three most popular blogs for the year have all been on aspects of selling your business. I wonder what this portends for the future?

Just last week, RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) warned that 2016 will be a “cataclysmic year” ahead for markets and advises clients to sell everything but high yield bonds. Other experts went even further and recommended that people sell “everything, including home and other things of value.” If you believe that frightening outlook, you might do well to think about selling your business now. BUT, only if it is the right time for you. There’s lots to do first.

The valuation of your company is a critical part in getting interest in a sale. Consider the information you need to gather for an expert to evaluate what your business is worth today. Read (or review, if you have already read it) our blog, “Selling Your Business: The Value of Your Company’s Future.” It might give you some ideas as how to proceed. http://thesavickasgroup.com/blog/117-selling-your-business-the-value-of-your-company-s-future

Another top blog for the year is “Thoughts on a Business Sale.” You will be introduced to different aspects of sale problems, and how your sale might evolve. Tough ideas, but important for you as owner to know before you start the process. http://thesavickasgroup.com/blog/119-thoughts-on-a-business-sale

Particularly timely (no pun intended) is “The Clock is Ticking Toward the End of Your Business.” Are you truly ready to sell and have you done the appropriate preparations for that sale? Here are three ideas to consider at this point in your thought process. http://thesavickasgroup.com/blog/124-the-clock-is-ticking-toward-the-end-of-your-business

Each one of these popular blogs can help you during your journey towards the closing of the sale of your company. In addition, you will want to contact The Savickas Group, for it is made up of experts in all business fields. We are particularly adept in preparing businesses for sale. If you are beginning to think that this is the year, call and have a no-obligation chat with our people. We also have some free materials which you will want to read during this time. Contact us for a FREE copy of Maximize Your Exit, 9 Tips to Capitalize on the Sale of Your Business: 1.888.210.8269 or info@thesavickasgroup.com.


Thanks to Walter Lim for his creative commons photo.

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