violence, The Savickas GroupIn the past months, we all have watched horrific scenes from all over the world of uncontrolled violence. We see people, in their everyday circumstances, being

accosted by terrorists while they eat dinner or watch a concert. Threats of violence continue and we all feel vulnerable. We need to be safe from violence.

Terrorists are a threat, but closer to home, there are all kinds of local wrongdoers who also want to hurt us and ours. Since we are nearing the end of a year, this is probably a good time to assess risks within your office.

Here are just a few thoughts for you and your staff to consider:

  1. Purses, keys, and other personal items should be stashed out-of-sight. A desk drawer or an employee cubby are good places to store them. You need to put these types of temptations away.
  2. Consider placing a silent panic button at several key spots within your office, such as reception and manager desks. This can be tied into your alarm system and monitored. If you do have an unwanted intruder, this might be the way to get help fast.
  3. If you have employees traveling for the company, there are several steps you should consider. First, make sure they are staying in a safe hotel. Caution them to be careful when out on the streets and to stay alert for local conditions. Especially if they are traveling overseas, make sure they always have a “backdoor” to get out of the country, if they have to. That does take some planning on their part.
  4. Equip your employees with cell phones (and have them keep the gps on). Regardless of whether they are working locally or traveling out-of-town, ask them to check in once a day with an assigned staff member. Texting locations is a great way to keep track of their movements. You never know when you have to find a starting point to locate them.
  5. Threats will never be tolerated. This can be a threat against one of your employees in a situation like domestic abuse, or it can be one of your employees against another. If the threat is from outside of the company, you need to work with police on how to handle it. For an inside threat, bring experts in immediately to diffuse the situation. This is where workplace violence starts.
  6. For times of emergency, have a telephone tree where you can contact or alert everyone on staff. Hopefully, you will never use it, but I have seen telephone trees used both in blizzards as well as floods successfully. This can be done by phone, texting, or even social media--you figure out what is best for your people. If violence ever came to our streets, you may need it.

Your company would probably benefit from having the police or a security company come through and do an analysis of your safety issues. The police departments actually have staff on hand who are trained in looking for security problems. Just remember: a security company may try to sell you equipment you don’t need, so consider their suggestions judiciously.

Take time before the end of the year to evaluate how safe your employees are when working for you. There are many levels of safety issues, but right now during this time of violence, look hard at how vulnerable they are to dangerous people.

I truly hope you or your employees NEVER have to face danger, but as with any insurance, it is good to be prepared. If you are in need of help, just call The Savickas Group with our team of experts. We can connect you with people who can make your business better and safer. If you are considering the sale of your business—now or in the future—call us just to chat. We have written an ebook, FREE for the asking, about how to get the most out of your company when selling. Contact us for a FREE copy of Maximize Your Exit, 9 Tips to Capitalize on the Sale of Your Business: 1-888-210-8269 or


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