thank you, The Savickas GroupWe’ve just had a huge holiday, Thanksgiving, and are rapidly approaching Christmas.  Even though it doesn’t look like it, there is

a commonality to both of these holidays: it’s time to say THANK YOU!

Expressing gratitude is simple courtesy and we all bemoan how courtesy seems to be disappearing in our society. Thanks is the oil that makes relationships run smoothly. It is a small payment for a kindness.

There is a big bonus to these two tiny words: power. By simply saying Thank You, you have the power to make someone else feel good, feel appreciated, feel recognized. You also have the power to humble yourself before others by admitting they—that other person—did something for you.

We teach children that these are the magic words. They make things happen. Yes, Thank You can create a feeling of warmth and giving. By teaching children to appreciate a gift or kind thing that was done for them, we are teaching them to be aware of what others do and to recognize it. We are emphasizing the positive in our daily lives.

Thanks—giving. What a holiday! We stop and give thanks to God and to the people around us. We pause in a busy life and appreciate the good around us. This day is built to cause us to think about gratitude and why we should feel it.

Then Christmas falls a short month later. With our society becoming more secularized, the emphasis is on gift lists. Who wants/gets/gives what? Even if your life is only bound up in gifts, take a few minutes to say Thank You to the givers. Show your appreciation for that small or large gift, appropriate for you or not. Your gift-giver took the time to find it, buy it, wrap it, and then give it to you. They thought about it for more than a minute. You matter to them. Say Thank You.

Yesterday, I gave public thanks. The basis of my life is a relationship with God, family, and friends and I say Thank You. But, there is more in my life. I thank my loyal, hardworking employees for all that they do to improve my companies. I thank all of the service people who keep us up and running, whether it is my computer guru or the electrician. Most of all, I thank you, my public. You are my readers and my customers. We serve you and I am grateful. I and my entire team at The Savickas Group say Thank You!


Thanks to OrlnZebest for his creative commons graphic.

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