social mediaThere is always a right way and a wrong way to do something and that is true about posting on social media, too. Overall, there are a few “rules” of practices that regularly work, and you should start with these.

As you get more comfortable with the sites and check your analytics, you will find the methods that work best for you and your company.

Before you begin, decide what you want social media to accomplish for your business. Do you want more name recognition? Are you selling product? Are you trying to attract more new customers? Do you want more visitors to your website? Define whatever it is that you hope to happen. After you have determined that, explore every possible social media site, starting with the major ones (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.). There will be one or more sites which will help you to accomplish your goal.


Here are 8 tips for how to post in social media:

  1. ALWAYS produce quality content. This can be your 140 characters on Twitter, a visual post on Facebook, or directions on Pinterest. Junk content will say something about you and your company and readers will flee your site. Quality content is well-written and has a valuable take-away for the reader. It should be the basis of everything else that you do on a social media site.
  2. Don’t always be selling. Social media is all about developing connections and relationships. When you are writing something—short or long—be sure that your reader is going to take something of value with them. Selling isn’t bad, but keep it in the background, and care more about your customer’s needs. In fact, this type of marketing focuses on the user, not on the giver.
  3. Plan your content. Today, most sites provide you with the ability to schedule your posts. Set up a calendar for yourself, listing the posts and when you want them published. Keep your content focused. Consistency of posting is important for your readers, so post a minimum of once a week. (A caution here: don’t post too often or you annoy your readers. I received as many as 20 tweets a day from a person I followed, so eventually I “unfollowed” them. Too many tweets were overwhelming.)
  4. Use images. Today’s public is very visual, so choose good images to tell your story. There are a number of sources of copyright free images (flickr, google, etc.), or you can purchase images. Don’t violate someone’s copyright; use legal images. In many of the image editing programs, you can add text, manipulate the photo, etc. Each site has its own requirement for size, and if you follow that (for example, Facebook is 403 pixels wide), your image will look great.
  5. Regularly review your analytics. All sites offer you information about your users. This is where you can see what is working and what is not. Compare the analytics to what you are posting. Refine your content to meet prior successes. Track your posts.
  6. Respond to your readers. Frequently, someone will comment on a post or tweet. Answer back! This is how you start the conversation.
  7. Share good content from others, giving them credit, and comment on other posts or tweets. Social media, being about relationships, is also about conversations. Sharing content is generous, while making comments keeps you in the conversation.
  8. ALWAYS be positive. Mom’s old adage, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all,” is true in social media. Along this same line, be very sensitive to news stories as they relate to your posts. I just saw a very funny cartoon dealing with a gun that someone posted, but they posted it (I am sure it was scheduled) the morning after a heinous shooting. VERY bad timing and it needed to be deleted immediately, which they eventually did. Just stand back, look at your post, and see how you would feel about it as a reader. Be kind.

Notice that all of these tips are on HOW to post, not WHAT to post. You determine your content and I encourage you to be creative. Take some chances, but make sure they are in good taste. If you follow the rules, you should be successful.

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