job description, The Savickas GroupYou know what your employees are supposed to do, right? BUT, do they? To achieve better efficiency in your organization, every employee—including

yourself—should have a job description. The clarity of purpose that this creates is important for your business goals.

Writing job descriptions takes a lot of time to achieve. It is not an easy task, but oh so important. Consider the purpose of writing a job description for each position in your organization. On the surface, every single employee will know their basic job tasks and where they fit within the company. Your employment manual will include these job descriptions so there are no misunderstandings as to what the basic responsibilities of each person are.

There is also another purpose which will save time and effort: when you have to write an employment ad for a position, you already have a list of requirements for any prospective job seeker. You also can pull questions from this job description when interviewing. Recruiting and interviewing is highly regulated by employment laws now, so it is critical that you make sure that everything you write down falls within those guidelines.

Contents of a Job Description

In one very short paragraph, describe what the particular job is. Use words that are concrete, not subjective. If the job is for clerical help, consider something like this:

The clerical assistant is to provide support for the Human Resources staff. Tasks include data entry, research, filing, and phone work.

If the responsibilities of a certain job are more extensive and detailed, bullet points are appropriate.

The Sales Manager develops, coordinates, and manages staff through the utilization of a master sales plan developed by management. Responsibilities include:

          • Determining short term and long term sales goals
          • Hiring and training sales staff
          • Utilizing appropriate vehicles of customer contact and development


And so on. You get the idea: specifically list the job duties for which you hold the person accountable.

There is also another part of the job description that you might find valuable to include, and this is a list of your objectives for the job. For example, your expectations for the sales manager might be to maintain the customer base and increase it by 5% a year, or develop systems for creating new sales territory. What are YOUR objectives for this person to achieve? That’s what you need to list, if you feel it is important for the specific job description.

Your Master Company Manual

Once you have specifically listed the job and its tasks as well as where it falls within the organizational flow chart, add it to your master company manual. This normally includes Make sure that everyone has a copy of their job description and is held accountable for the responsibilities listed. It is also important to review the job descriptions annually and update appropriately.

When you are preparing your business for sale, this master company manual will be invaluable as an asset. It indicates to prospective buyers that your company is organized for the successful accomplishment of your business goals. The clarity of your business structure will help them to see that your company will be a turn-key operation where they will have little to do except fine-tune to their particular expectations.

The Savickas Group has experts who can, after consulting you, write your jobs descriptions and work on your Master Company Manual. Completing these tasks will be a huge organizational step forward. When selling your business, this is a great asset. Need more information on how to prepare for a business sale? We have created a free eBook which will introduce you to the process: Maximize Your Exit, 9 Tips to Capitalize on the Sale of Your Business. Simply contact us and we will send you a free copy: 1-888-210-8269 or

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