house, The Savickas GroupHave you ever driven by a house which was smothered by the trees and bushes, looking generally rundown and overrun? Instinctively you know that an old person lives there, someone who simply can’t or won’t keep the exterior in prime shape. Does your business look old and worn?

Your business image is a key element in getting people interested in buying your business. If your stationery is outdated, your carpets worn and dirty, warehouse filled with dust and cobwebs, your business looks like it is going downhill whether it is or it isn’t successful. Who could tell by what they see?

Begin in your business office. Look at your stationery, invoices, brochures, and any other hard copy that a customer might handle. Think back—when was this designed? If you realize it has been more than 10 years, you need to have your hard copy materials redesigned for today. Your logo might be something else to consider. Go a little more slowly when you review your logo. If this image is part of your branding and has been effective, keep your logo and update everything else around it. Just sprucing up your stationery will give your hard copy a fresh, contemporary look.

If you are trying to sell your business, that fact is probably not public. If you simply rest on your laurels and do nothing to keep your business going or growing, your business image again begins to decline and people begin to suspect you are selling. You need to be an active owner, still attending trade shows, advertising, bringing out new products, and generally enthusiastically growing your business publicly. Otherwise, the place figuratively looks dead, your bushes are dying, the trees cover the windows, and who—outside of you—cares. Keep your business vibrant by your active participation in business activities.

Online, it is important that your website and social media accounts stay current. Tweeting, whether you like to or not, is a very effective way to connect in business. Facebook is more effective with customers, especially women. If you have no interest in social media, one of your employees will. Together, design a publicity program that they can execute on your behalf. In addition, your website is your storefront on the international internet main street, so don’t ignore it. Perhaps this is the time to look at ways to market your products online with such advertising outlets as Adsense or Amazon. Be creative and look for more outlets. An increase in sales is only going to help you sell your business, and often for a better price. Everyone wants to buy a winner.

You may see these last few years as the last few years you will be running your business. Wouldn’t you rather go out a success rather than having a rundown, wornout company that you begged buyers to consider? You can make a huge difference just be getting more involved and being creative.

Need some ideas? Contact The Savickas Group. We are the experts who can help you to ready your business for the sale block, but we also have people on staff who can help you to boost these last few years in a lot of creative ways. We are offering you a free eBook to help you get ready to sell your business: Maximize Your Exit, 9 Tips to Capitalize on the Sale of your Business. Just call or email us for your free copy: 1-888-210-8269 or


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