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6 Traits of All Good Business Leaders

crown, business leader, The Savickas GroupDuring election season, we are being inundated with comments about what makes a great leader, but many of those desirable traits can also be applied to business leaders. A great leader is just that—a great leader—regardless of what career path he has chosen.

Look around you and analyze the business leaders you admire and the ones you see as failures. Many business people

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Grow Your Business to Sell Your Business

grow your business, The Savickas GroupYour ultimate goal is to sell your business, but perhaps the timing is just not correct for you personally right now or perhaps company prices are in a downtrend and it’s a bad time to sell. So what do you do? There is one simple answer: grow your company.

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Trending and Your Marketing

google trends, The Savickas GroupYour marketing ideas can come from so many places these days, and one of the best sources will be seeing what is trending. “Trending” is one of those words which has been

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One Entrepreneur's Day. . .

coffee for entrepreneur, The Savickas Group

Setting: A small business in the Midwest with 4 employees and the boss. Business is 20 years old and showing its age. Boss is 50 years old and burned out.

6:30 am Woke up late. Was supposed to do the treadmill

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Consumer Demographics

youtube, business trending, The Savickas GroupBusiness trending topics for 2015 have shown some major changes in the analysis of consumer demographics and the way consumers approach purchases. These new trends are going to affect your bottom line and how you spend your marketing budget. Forget everything you

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Finding Motivation

ikuyguy, motivation, The Savickas Group, I know you have had those days when it is so hard to get out of bed. Days which stretch forever, filled with boredom. While sitting at your desk, your eyes glaze over with disinterest. You feel trapped and don’t know

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Safe from Violence

violence, The Savickas GroupIn the past months, we all have watched horrific scenes from all over the world of uncontrolled violence. We see people, in their everyday circumstances, being

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thank you, The Savickas GroupWe’ve just had a huge holiday, Thanksgiving, and are rapidly approaching Christmas.  Even though it doesn’t look like it, there is

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Posting on Social Media

social mediaThere is always a right way and a wrong way to do something and that is true about posting on social media, too. Overall, there are a few “rules” of practices that regularly work, and you should start with these.

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Do You Use Social Media?

social media icons, The Savickas GroupEven nearing the end of your business ownership, you can’t afford not to keep marketing your business until it is sold. Without marketing, your business

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Brought Down by Computer Addiction

square eyes, The Savickas GroupHow many times a day do you start playing solitaire or some other simple game on your computer while you are thinking of your business problems? Do you flee into cybersex? Are you a news junkie? It would be good for you to note the number of times you enter one of these sites for an unreasonable number of clicks can indicate that you are addicted to the computer or internet.

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