cropheadFor 15 years Tony Savickas has been studying, analyzing and bench marking financial statements to find out what made businesses successful.  What he found is what drives his passion; the machine of business boils down to the fundamentals regardless of your industry intricacies.  

The Savickas Group was born out of a passion to help.  Tony understood we cannot all be experts in all facets of business.  The Savickas Group strives to bring the best of the best to every situation and developed a massive team of experts to be avialable to apply their many years of knowledge to any client any time.  

The Savickas Group team brings a unique set of talents with knowledge of many different industries.  They have worked in the manufacturing sector, medical, retail, ecommerce, agriculture, municipal, restaurant and non-profit industries to name a few.

The Savickas Group loves watching the machine of business not only operate, but thrive.  We bring a big picture mentality and a fresh set of eyes to any business at various stages of the business cycle.




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